#StopBlah is a hashtag for all things that bring positive impact for the planet and against everything and everyone who continues their old shitty ways of exploiting nature, denying the damage and pretending that everything will be OK.  Just #StopBlah will you? 



Climate Change Kills for Real

Photo by Chris Gallagher on Unsplash
BE a hero, NOW!

We believe everyone can fight climate change every day. 

Use the #StopBlah tag to mark all things related to climate and planet (both positive and negative). When enough people will pay more attention and make small changes – the world will change and we all get better odds in this extinction struggle.

Glass for

Your product may have a slightly different color or shape, but it will be amazing.

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This is a hand-made and upcycled product, so every unit is unique. Yours will look super cool; however it may differ from the photo. 

Know it all (FAQ)

The glass from wine bottle you see in the photograph is just an example, the actual color of the glass you receive will almost certainly be different. We classify our glasses as made of green glass. This includes the full range of green shades you may find in bottles – from bright forest greens to dark olive green, and everything in between.

When you order a glass we pick a random green shade, when you order multiple glasses we pick a mix of green shades.

Therefore some level of human subjectivity and luck is involved, this makes the ordering even more rewarding. In this respect WesternTrash glasses are like organic fruits or vegetables – there are no identical pieces.

Western Trash glasses from wine bottles retain the bottle’s original shape and character. Wine bottles traditionally have a concave base, known as the “punt,” but some bottle-makers have stopped doing this. The base of your Western Trash glass can range from a 5 cm concave to completely flat.

The bottom edge of your glass may be slightly angular or rounded. Some bases bulge out a little; others are flush with the rest of the glass.

The underside of your glass may have small linear grooves, meant to stop wine bottles from sliding on the table.

Your glass may show the original markings from the bottle factory, usually a string of numbers and symbols along the base. We don’t try to remove these markings; they add to the quirky character of Western Trash drinkware.  

Our glasses from bottles are 100% safe to use.

  1. They are made of wine bottles so like any glass they are totally neutral towards any kind of food. 
  2. Every cut-glass edge is going through the five-stage professional glass polishing process and meticulous quality control. As a result, each glass has a flawlessly smooth edge.
  3. WesternTrash glasses have been tested in a range of household, gastronomy, and company cantine environments for over ten years. Not only they survived the testing but they are usually everyone’s favorite glasses. 
  4. Before packing every glass is washed in an industrial-grade dishwasher to make sure it reaches you perfectly clean and shiny.

The WesternTrash Star

All of our creations are stamped with the WesternTrash logo known as an exploding star. It symbolizes the new energy and revolutionary spirit of the new generation.

Our logo is literally cut into the glass surface. We use sandblasting technique, which does not require any paints, solvents, high temperatures, or other environmentally destructive things. We shoot a special kind of sand onto the glass surface with a pressure gun and the sand grains cut through the glass surface. It stays forever and is super duper planet-friendly.

YES, as our glasses are repurposed bottles they do not need any virgin natural materials like sand, water or energy to undergo glass melting and forming processes. This saves a lot of resources and energy and eliminates most of CO2 emission of regular glassware production. WesternTrash handmade glassware might be the most climate-friendly glassware available.

Sustainability is a very vast and complex concept. For example there is a  significant misconception about the sustainability of glass bottles – see details here.  We want to make it achievable for just anyone so we have made a very basic product that we all use every day – when used daily by many people, can result in a huge outcome in the long term.

Think about it this way:

  1. Our glasses are sourced locally and upcycled which means we do not use any raw natural resources to make a product of them.
  2. Our raw materials (empty wine bottles) are technically waste. Some of them would be recycled into new bottles the rest ends up in the landfill (it takes more than 4000 years for glass to disintegrate). 
  3. Once you decide to use WesternTrash glass it can easily last for a lifetime, they do break sometimes but in general, they are more durable than regular glassware. Now think of how many other glasses/mugs do not need to be manufactured, packed, transported worldwide, disposed of, recycled if you just don’t buy them or buy less of them… Not to mention how much money you will save.
  4. Last but not least: normal glassware and tableware are not meant to be recycled by default! It will end up in the landfill for centuries. Every WesternTrash glass can be fully recycled – just discard it into regular glass container.   

You can return the item within 30 days, you get a full refund and no questions asked.

WesternTrash climate-friendly glass is among top ideas for best gift from Berlin. At the moment we don’t offer ready made gift vouchers, however, if you need one get in touch – we will definitely work it out for you.

In case you don’t want or cant to use your glasses anymore you should give them to someone. Our glasses are very durable and can easily last a lifetime. If you break the glass you can discard it in the regular glass recycling container. They will be turned into new bottles.

All our packaging (gift box, filling, shipping box) is made of recycled paper and is 100% recyclable. Just put it in the paper container.  In case you don’t want or cant to use it anymore you should give it to someone. Our glasses are very durable and can easily last a lifetime. If you break the glass you can discard it in the glass recycling container. 

#StopBlah is a hashtag. We created it to increase sensitivity for everything related to climate and environmental issues. True solutions to problems come with a mindset change. And we want to encourage and support the world’s mindset change.

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