Western Trash is a waste-neutral business. We aim to create quality drinkware while addressing the problems of landfill and pollution.

Our challenge was finding a sustainable way to package our products. We experimented with various reused materials, like cardboard poster cylinders and PVC piping, but these didn’t offer the quality or reliability we needed.

In the end, we designed four simple cardboard boxes. The whole system stacks together neatly, for easy storage and attractive displays.

The black color scheme is unassuming and purposely free of branding. The idea is that the boxes will be kept and reused – not simply thrown away.

The box isn’t trash. It’s your new pencil case, a home for your postcard collection, or just a handy container for random junk. Like discarded wine bottles that become beautiful drinkware, we hope our boxes will find a new purpose and avoid the garbage can.

Western Trash glasses are shipped in protective shredded paper. All glass, cardboard, and paper is recycled and/or recyclable.