Glass from bottle -sustainable drinking glass (330ml) in a gift box, handmade - WesternTrash Berlin #StopBlah

A drinking glass from wine bottle
Perfect for water, beer, juice, or a long drink.
Hand-made, giftbox


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The story

WesternTrash #StopBlah, a drinking glass from a wine bottle. This kind of glassware is sustainable and has the same properties as classic glassware without taking a new material from nature. Our glasses are manufactured in small batches. Each WesternTrash glass from a wine bottle is unique and lovingly handcrafted from old wine bottles, giving each glass its own look and personality. Shape and color will vary slightly, and you may find little scratches and bumps on the surface of your glass. Everyone is different, and that’s the whole idea.

Quality is guaranteed. All WesternTrash products are made to the highest standard of professional craftsmanship.

WesternTrash started in Kreuzberg, Berlin’s most famous district. Our products embody the true Kreuzberg spirit: raw, edgy, and unique. The 330ml size is perfect for water, juice, beer, cocktails, or whatever takes your fancy. So raise your glass and say “Prost!” to the uncompromising Kreuzberg lifestyle.

• Our glasses are a great conversation starter and party companion.
• They are super trendy, elegant, and eco-friendly.
• They are a sustainable alternative to regular non-recyclable glassware and the disposable glasses you see all around.
• They are a great way to do your part to help the environment and make a positive impact.

#StopBlah #WeCutTheCrap

WesternTrash #StopBlah, a drinking glass from a bottle.

WesternTrash is committed to making a positive impact on the planet. The more WesternTrash glasses you use, the more impact you have. All WesternTrash glasses are made of discarded wine bottles; therefore, they directly help to reduce landfill waste. Furthermore, our glasses lessen the need for new products, thus saving virgin resources and water. Less manufacturing also means lower CO2 emissions and less energy wasted in production and transportation. Industrially made glasses are mostly non-recyclable. We deliver a 100% recyclable alternative to non-recyclable drinkware. Our glasses from wine bottles reduce non-recyclable glass waste, which will decompose for thousands of years in landfills. Our packaging is made of recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

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