About WesternTrash

Western Trash is sustainable glassware from the heart of Berlin. Creating something from nothing, we turn discarded wine bottles into elegant and functional products for the home. All glassware is made locally and handcrafted with love in our workshop. Western Trash is simple and sexy – just like Berlin itself.

So how green is green ?

We classify our glasses as made of green glass. But it’s not really that simple: the greenest whites are sometimes hard to distinguish from the whitest greens, while different mixes of green and brown create various shades of “olive green.”

So here is our DEAL. We decide subjectively where the green starts and where it ends. We could do this scientifically with a fancy spectrophotometer, but that’s not the WesternTrash style. We think people should interpret color with their own eyes.

As a result, all WesternTrash glasses are slightly different colors, although they are all described as green. One thing never changes – they all look AMAZING.

"Bottle/Glass Colors" Page
Higher levels of iron produce darker greens, black glass, and even amber. Natural aqua glass was often called "green glass," "bottle glass," or "bottle glass ...