Western Trash glasses are crafted by hand in our Berlin workshop. From sourcing the bottles to shipping the finished product, at every step of the process we apply rigorous quality controls.

Size & Thickness

Quality control begins with the raw materials. The first step is finding bottles of the correct size: between 7 cm and 8½ cm in diameter. The glass can’t be too thick (hard to drink from) or too thin (not strong enough). The ideal thickness is 2-4mm. (Read more about how we source our glass.)

Glass Quality

All wine bottles have small bumps, bubbles, and curves. These irregularities give Western Trash drinkware its unique character. But we can’t accept glass with excessive flaws, and every bottle is carefully inspected for a smooth surface and consistent shape.

Cut, Grind, and Polish

Inferior bottles often break during cutting or grinding, or still don’t shine after extensive polishing. Around 30% of our glasses are rejected during this phase.

Sandblasting The Star

Sandblasting is a precise art form that requires patience and practice. Any glass without a perfectly imprinted logo is rejected. 


We take great care in packaging and presenting our drinkware. We don’t send a glass out the door until we’re 100% satisfied with the quality and appearance. (Read more about our boxes here.)