United Greens of WesternTrash

About WesternTrash Western Trash is sustainable glassware from the heart of Berlin. Creating something from nothing, we turn discarded wine bottles into elegant and functional products for the home. All glassware is made locally and handcrafted with love in our workshop. Western Trash is simple and sexy – just like Berlin itself. So how green […]

WesternTrash upcycled glasses legendary quality

WesternTrash - Product design

Western Trash is more than just a glass. It’s an experience. Each of our glasses is handcrafted in our Berlin workshop to create the unique look you’ve expected. Every Western Trash glass is unique, handcrafted from recycled bottles in our Berlin workshop. We source glasses from Berlin bars and restaurants, then cut, grind, and polish […]

Welcome to Kreuzberg

WesternTrash - Street art

WesternTrash draws inspiration from the creative energy of Berlin Kreuzberg. Our neighborhood is a mosaic of freethinkers and rebels, artists and anarchists. A place where spontaneous beauty and madness fill the streets, and no two days are exactly the same. Kreuzberg residents think outside the square. They question norms and challenge authority. Our logo, the […]

Shape variations of WesternTrash glasses.

WesternTrash - Elijah Price

Western Trash glasses retain the bottle’s original shape and character. Wine bottles traditionally have a concave base, known as the “punt,” but some bottle-makers have stopped doing this. The base of your Western Trash glass can range from a 7 cm concave to completely flat. The bottom edge of your glass may be angular or […]

Re-usable packaging at WesternTrash.

WesternTrash  sustainable glass production

Packaging Western Trash is a waste-neutral business. We aim to create quality drinkware while addressing the problems of landfill and pollution. Our challenge was finding a sustainable way to package our products. We experimented with various reused materials, like cardboard poster cylinders and PVC piping, but these didn’t offer the quality or reliability we needed. […]

How we make WesternTrash drinking glasses

WesternTrash - Car

Each WesternTrash drinking glass is handcrafted with care and precision. We source reclaimed wine bottles from Berlin restaurants, carefully selecting them by size, color, and quality. The bottles are then soaked to remove any labels, cut to size with a diamond saw, and hand-polished for a premium finish. The result is a high-quality, climate-friendly drinking […]

WesternTrash drinking glasses – a source of inspiration

WesternTrash  sustainable glass production

Sourcing Glass Don’t let the name fool you – WesternTrash drinkware doesn’t come from the garbage can. We source our glass from high-end wineries and restaurants in Berlin. These venues accumulate empty wine bottles after a busy evening, which we collect and take back to our workshop. It’s a good deal: We get a reliable […]