Handmade glassware with Berlin soul

WesternTrash is unique

Our products are handmade with love and attention from discarded wine bottles,so that no two items are exactly alike. Look closely and discover your very own mosaic of tiny bumps, bubbles, and curves. You’ll never find that same pattern twice – every product tells a different part of the Berlin story.

WesternTrash is more than a great look

Our design philosophy combines elegant form with intelligent function. The result? Premium products that are both sexy and highly practical. They look great and they work well. Every item is made to the highest standards of professional craftsmanship, and that’s a guarantee.

WesternTrash is “something from nothing”

Don’t let the name fool you: WesternTrash is waste-neutral and 100% sustainable. The materials are upcycled or recyclable, the packaging is reusable, and bottles are sourced locally in Berlin. It’s about taking trash out of the system without putting any back.

WesternTrash lives in Kreuzberg

Our work is inspired by the creative energy of Berlin’s most famous district. The place where spontaneous beauty and madness fill the streets, art blends with anarchy, and free people march to a different tune. Western Trash is proud to call Kreuzberg home.

WesternTrash Production & Quality

Our manufacturing follows highest standards of traditional glass cutting and polishing. Every WesternTrash product is handcrafted with care and precision.

WesternTrash Custom Products

Made to measure products are perfect for businesses and for interior designers.
We offer our services in developing and manufacturing custom designed tableware and lighting that would match your requirements. Furthermore all our standard products can be personalized and branded with your logo.

If you are interested in cooperation or you need more information we will be glad to hear form you.

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