NEW STANDARD Upcycled drinking glass (330ml) in a gift box, handmade

WesternTrash standard glass
upcycled wine bottle drinking glass
hand made, 33cl, green glass

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In stock (can be backordered)

Each WesternTrash glass is unique. Our drinkware is lovingly handcrafted from recycled, giving each glass its own look and personality. Shape and color will vary, and you may find little scratches and bumps on the surface of the glass. But that’s the whole idea.

Quality is guaranteed. All WesternTrash products are made to the highest standard of professional craftsmanship.

WesternTrash started in Kreuzberg, Berlin’s most famous district. Our standard glass embodies the true Kreuzberg spirit: Raw, edgy, and totally unique. The 330ml size is perfect for water, juice, beer, cocktails, or whatever takes your fancy. So raise your glass and say “Prost!” to the uncompromising Kreuzberg lifestyle.